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Despite the widespread demand for high efficiency, productivity, and quality, various industries also require unique technological solutions. Our technical team tailors the best solutions for different media, working environments, and usage conditions.

l    Drip free and pressurized connection technolog
Allow online hot swapping (replacing blades and racks without equipment downtime) to make maintenance easier and protect IT systems. The excellent performance of Wanshuo quick connectors ensures the uninterrupted operation and high reliability of your equipment. Our connectivity solutions involve data centers, energy storage, supercomputers, and other computer and electronic systems.
l   Quick connection of liquid cooling source and chiller unit
High flow connectors for data center water treatment. The VLA series connectors have diameters ranging from DN20 to DN50, ensuring leak free connections and optimal flow rate, reducing energy consumption.
l    Branch manifold blind plug connection
A blind plug connector for branch manifolds and blade servers, with a compact structure and flat end disconnection without leakage, supporting pressurized connections to ensure continuous operation of your system. The unique floating structure design makes the system work more stably and reduces system costs.
l    Manual connection of branch manifoldCB series steel ball locking joint and CS series buckle locking joint are used for connecting manually operated water separators and water-cooled plates. They have a compact structure and simple operation, and can be connected with pressure and have self pressure relief functions.

Liquid cooling connection solutions for data centers and energy storage industries

Gas-liquid two-phase quick connector for fluoride

The VAF series flat head leak free joint is specially designed for fluoride gas-liquid two-phase cooling systems. Clean disconnection without any leakage, no need to refill the circuit with refrigerant. The special structural design allows the VAF series connectors to be hot swappable under pressure, ensuring uninterrupted operation and high reliability of your system. The threaded connection ensures absolute safety of the connection.
l Military air conditioning cooling
l Fluoride forced cooling
l Fluoride data center cooling

Solution for Liquid Cooling Quick Connection of Power Electronic Equipment

The liquid cooling of power electronic equipment requires absolute sealing, and the Wanshuo flat head leak free quick connector is very suitable for thermal management circuits and ensures long-term reliability. We provide stainless steel and surface treated aluminum alloy quick connectors for different cooling media. From wind power Solar inverter to military pod and electronic case, we have mature solutions and application experience. The special floating design makes our blind plug connectors more suitable for modular narrow space cooling systems. The application of pressure connection technology and self unloading technology ensures that your system operates uninterrupted and maintains long-term reliability.

l Blind insertion connection between phased array radar and power amplifier

The phased array radar has a compact structure and narrow space, requiring high compactness and reliability of fluid connectors. Our blind connector has a compact structure and a floating structure, making the system safer to operate. We can also provide pressurized connections and self relieving structures. The CN series allows a maximum of ± 0.5mm misalignment connection, while the CNB series allows a maximum of ± 1mm misalignment connection. Our design team can also conduct embedded or other non-standard connection designs to make your system more compact and reasonable, while ensuring long-term reliability.

l Quick connection between military power supply and electronic chassis

For the cooling circuit of water-cooled plates, water separators, and liquid cooling sources, the CS buckle connector can perfectly achieve fast on-off without leakage. For different anti-corrosion requirements, we can provide stainless steel and surface treated stainless steel joints. The buckle connection method makes the CS series more suitable for use in vibration environments. For water cooled board connections that require frequent plugging and transportation, we recommend using sockets with self unloading pressure. The water cooled board pressure automatically unloads to prevent bulging and make transportation safer. For multiple power modules inside the chassis, blind plug connection has become the industry's preferred choice, and a specially designed floating structure makes your system safer and more reliable.

l Manual connection of wind power Solar inverter

Inverters are widely used in the wind power photovoltaic and rail transit industries, and with the continuous increase in power, liquid cooling has become a standard configuration. The CB series steel ball locking joint is particularly suitable for quick connection of the inverter cooling circuit. The structure is simple and reliable, and the materials can be aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Optional pressure connection and self unloading structure ensure uninterrupted operation of the system and long-term reliability. Thanks to the widespread use in the civilian industry, the CB series has better prices and cost-effectiveness, making it suitable for applications with relatively stable and controllable environments.

Liquid cooled quick couplings for ships and maritime transport

The shipbuilding and maritime industry has high requirements for corrosion protection, with diverse and uncontrollable cooling media. Wanshuo's flat head leak free quick connector can be made of stainless steel 304 or 316L, and the sealing ring is made of HNBR with stronger environmental adaptability. Our stainless steel 316L blind plug straight connector has been used on military ships for a long time without leakage, and even in shipboard environments using seawater as the cooling medium. In applications such as ship to ship electric energy storage equipment cooling, port heavy-duty AGV transfer vehicles, and electric drive tower cranes, Wanshuo's leak free quick connectors also perform excellently. We can provide a full range of stainless steel quick connectors and non-standard designs according to customer requirements.

Laser cooling fast connection solution

High power lasers require absolute sealing of quick connectors, with some lasers even directly immersed in coolant. The surface treated aluminum alloy leak free quick connector fully meets the cooling requirements of the laser, and after long-term use, it has no corrosion and does not affect the performance of the laser. Some ultra high power lasers adopt a gas-liquid two-phase cooling system, and specially designed snap joints and blind plug joints can fully adapt to gas-liquid two-phase environments. Wanshuo's leak free quick connector has performed excellently in the cooling of airborne lasers and has received an installation order.

Solution for liquid cooling quick connection of new energy vehicles and Charging station

l Blind plug connection between power battery and preheating module

The power batteries of new energy vehicles generally use liquid cooling, and the use of floating blind connectors makes rapid battery swapping possible. Blind plug connections have become standard in mainstream electric vehicles such as Tesla and NIO. Wanshuo's blind insertion series quick connectors allow for a maximum misalignment of ± 1mm, making power exchange more efficient and reliable. At the same time, we can also carry out non-standard design, allowing the cooling circuit and electrical circuit to be connected and disconnected simultaneously, and ensuring long-term reliability.

l Charging station cooling circuit manual connection

High current, high power, and fast charging inevitably result in power loss, which requires a powerful liquid cooling system to carry away the heat. The application of leak free quick connectors makes the installation and maintenance of liquid cooling modules simpler and more efficient. CB series aluminum alloy joints have compact structure, simple operation and good cost performance, especially suitable for batch use of Charging station.

With the launch of the national "East to West Calculation" project, digitization has become a new economic engine and development direction for the country. With the continuous improvement of computing power, the demand for data protection and large storage capacity is also increasing. The energy exchange involved means that liquid cooling has become a necessary option.
The sales of new energy vehicles in China will exceed 5 million in 2022, and it is expected to exceed 10 million in 2025. The booming new energy vehicle industry will also continue to increase its demand for liquid cooling. The floating blind plug connector makes fast power switching possible. The application of leak free quick connector enables the Charging station to realize high current fast charging. In the field of hydrogen powered vehicles, the cooling and rapid hydrogenation of hydrogen batteries have become the future research direction of Wanshuo.
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