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Founded in 2017, Wanshuo (Chengdu) Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of fluid quick connectors and is committed to becoming a leading private liquid cooling quick connector enterprise in China. The company attaches importance to innovative research, has the courage to innovate on the basis of drawing lessons from foreign advanced connection technology, and has successfully developed a number of domestic leading quick connector products, such as pressurized connection connector, self relief connector, gas-liquid two-phase connector, large floating blind plug connector and so on. Now the company has conducted long-term good cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, a Research Institute of CSIC, and listed water-cooling enterprises in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The company's quick connector products are actually applied and finalized in many fields, such as laser cooling, railway power cooling, server cooling, wind power inverter cooling, charging pile cooling, new energy engineering vehicles and so on.
CB Series Ball Locking Quick Couplings
CN Series Blind Mate Quick Couplings
CS Series Bayonet Locking Quick Couplings
BTR Series Non Spill Quick Couplings
PTFE Lined Flexible Hose
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We provide mainstream liquid cooled quick connectors to continuously optimize performance and innovate new functions.
It has obtained a number of patent certificates and qualification recognition
Hydraulic quick connector is a kind of connector that can realize rapid connection or disconnection of pipeline without tools. It has four main structural forms: straight through type, single close...
Three step strategy for selecting fluid connectors in many medical device designs, one thing we see is that the use of fluid connectors is not considered until later in the design process, which ma...
The device includes: a first connector among a plurality of connectors, the first connector includes a central core, and the central core has a plurality of holes formed longitudinally therein; And...
Fluid connector is an important control component of the liquid cooling system of electronic equipment. With the continuous innovation and development of microelectronics technology and large-scale...
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